Upcoming Changes

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Upcoming Changes

Postby TheKronnY » 16 Jul 2015, 18:37


so we have completly changed our concept about banlists to make system more sofisticated and universal for all users - that means that in upcomming versions you will be able to see re-designed features described below.

There won't be system-global ban list anymore.

  • Every user can now have personal banlists
  • These banlists can be shared to other users
    • Admin, Mod and User permissions
    • Owner and admins can add user by User ID
    • Owner can create invite code for banlist
  • Ban approval rules in banlists
    • New bans are approved by default
    • Admin must approve new bans
    • Defined percentage of Admins must approve new bans

These features will be available in upcomming versions.
These features are now available. Changelog - viewtopic.php?f=7&t=11
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Re: Upcoming Changes

Postby Dark » 22 Jul 2015, 17:42

Everybody can create its own banlist(s) or join other banlist (only for invite)
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Evry banlist have its own settings.
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