beta 0.1.10 release

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beta 0.1.10 release

Postby TheKronnY » 24 Jul 2015, 13:15

Version informations
Major changes to banlist system, new features available in player view, new invite codes system. Brief application visual changes.

New changes to existing system features
  • System-global banlist was removed
  • Every user can now have own banlists (major system changes)
  • Few main navigation bar changes to ease off access to managed servers and banlists
  • Player view ban conversations are now working

Changed features in this release
  • Banlists per-user
    • Unlimited number of banlists for every user
    • Sharing administrative access to banlists is possible (comes with invite codes feature)
New features in this release
  • Player view
    • Admin ban discussion
  • Invite codes (available in account tab)
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