beta 0.1.11 release

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beta 0.1.11 release

Postby TheKronnY » 27 Jul 2015, 09:21

Version informations
New core features for bans - approval and rating. Support for bans importing via CSV.

New features in this release
  • (since #initial) CSV bans import
  • (since #update1) Possibility to Share bans between banlists
  • (since #update2) Page help at bottom right corner of the page, with usefull informations about the page and it's work (only few pages has it's help - working on this)
  • (since #update3) Multi-exporting (Generating list of bans from more banlists)
  • (since #update3) Completly new application-wide permission system
  • (since #update3) Security fixes
  • (since #update4) Ban record rating (group approval - likes/dislikes)
  • (since #update4) Ban record approval
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