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1.01 release [ACTUAL]

Posted: 10 Feb 2016, 15:14
by TheKronnY
Version informations
This release is mainly about security and bug fixes. Old permission system was updated - this will ease off access to the user permission for application and permissions got more detailed (there is much more control over other users for banlist and server owners).

New features in this release
  • FTP credentials form in server configuration
Updated features in this release
  • Changes to permission system
    • More detailed permissions
    • Easier access to user's permissions
  • Server pages URLs
Bugfixes in this release
  • Security fixes
  • (in 1f4e1e3) Few permission bugfixes
  • (in 1f4e1e3) Server list link fixes

In progress
These features are not yet implemented and are planned to be implemented in upcomming versions

  • 8f2ef97 - 10.2.2016 15:00
  • 1f4e1e3 - 10.2.2016 17:43

Feel free to discuss these changes right here! :mrgreen: