1.02 relese [ACTUAL]

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1.02 relese [ACTUAL]

Postby TheKronnY » 10 Apr 2016, 15:33

Version informations
This release was focused primarly on allowing evidence (videos and screenshots) to be uploaded to bans and downloaded as well.

New features in this release
  • Ban evidence uploading, downloading and management
  • Extended server settings (provider settings - preparation for log processing system)
Bugfixes in this release
  • Security fixes
    • (in 4041d4fe & 6b4bcc0) Few permission bugfixes
  • General fixes
    • (in 4041d4fe) System messages
    • (in a022897a) Few redirect links
    • (in a022897a) Display problems

In progress
These features are not yet implemented and are planned to be implemented in upcomming versions

  • 6b4bcc0 - 11.4.2016 10:32
  • 4041d4fe - 10.4.2016 11:21
  • a022897a - 10.4.2016 02:10

Feel free to discuss these changes right here! :mrgreen:
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