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Colour tags

Postby MadMcardle » 02 Feb 2016, 19:32

What about being able to selecte a prefix for a certain offence(s) Like you input the data of the person, then select what they have done, and maybe make that offence searchable/listable, it would also link to that SteamID/GUID all the offences that person has done.
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Re: Colour tags

Postby TheKronnY » 02 Feb 2016, 19:41

Yeah, ban prefixes based on the category are good idea! Adding to the TODO List ;) :P
Related to searching based on category - this already is on TODO list :) (viewtopic.php?f=5&t=73)
And ban stats for user can be found after SteamID or GUID search on this page :)
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