Req: Please unban me

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Req: Please unban me

Postby Genom » 15 Aug 2016, 20:24

Hello, obviously I was banned months ago.
I suspect it was a Dayz4all Server.
At that time there was big fighting in Cherno.
When I died, I returned as a fresh sporn and found a dead body with an M4 and a 30er magazine.
When I rushed into a house I found some campers.
Only then I realized that it was probably an endless magazine.
Why else would I take another 30 magazine with me?
I am innocent and would like to be unbanned.

Thanks Genom.
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Re: Req: Please unban me

Postby TheKronnY » 15 Aug 2016, 21:12

Genom wrote:Hello, obviously I was banned months ago.
I suspect it was a Dayz4all Server...

Hello, this project is not responsible for any given bans so we can not lift them. You will have to contact DayZ4All server owners, who possibly gave you the ban and discuss it. I am not allowed to give away any information about the ban.
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Re: Req: Please unban me

Postby Knezo Caixao » 19 Aug 2016, 18:37

Hello Genom

You and your friends played with tag [PUAM] on our old public servers. You guys were ssuspected using hacked mags not only once (you killed us a lots of times in cherno) but we had no evidence.

You got caught using and shooting with a hacked M4 mag at this time when one of us killed you and was able to take a screenshot. So with a solid evidence and confirmed log files we ofc banned you.

I wonder why you NOT came back to us for a request to unban you if you were innocent. Also i wonder why you waiting about 10 months to ask in this group for lift your ban instead contact DayZ4All as we are the one who are responsible for your ban.

Regards .. ...

- DayZ4All -
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